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Data Unlocked

The Information as an Asset Board has developed a strategy to unlock the data across our Council to support its use to deliver across our five outcomes.


What is Data Unlocked all about?

Across the Council we hold a massive amount of data which is often held in disparate systems.  How much of it is really easily accessible information that allows us to use it to improve our services?  Our focus will be, firstly, on making use of the data we have easy access to and turning it into information. It will take time but the "Data Unlocked" initiative sets out the key aims and associated projects to progress this journey. The Information as an Asset Strategy sets out the key guiding principles for information management. The Information as an Asset Board includes representation from every department at a senior level and is a useful forum for sharing best practice and ideas. This Board meets regularly (monthly) to agree information governance structures and roles and there are a number of data projects underway.

Strategic Outcomes

  • Fit for purpose information systems that support business transformation.
  • Better informed decision making at all levels with staff spending more time using information rather than finding or creating it.
  • An efficient council which make better use of accommodation, with less paper, and reduced duplication of information and process.
  • Pragmatic and enabling Information governance which frees up information to be shared to improve outcomes for people at the same time as keeping us compliant with government standards.
  • Information management principles that are embedded into everyday working practices..
  • Staff skills and competencies which helps us maximise use of information to improve organisational knowledge
  • Information which supports better service integration within the councils and more effective partnership working.
  • Better knowledge of our customers resulting in improved service, outcomes and satisfaction.

You will find a presentation on the Data Unlocked initiative together with the Information as an Asset Strategy in the related documents on this page.

The Information as an Asset Board is chaired by the Director of Environment (remit of Board provided in related documents).

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