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Adults and older people

Day Services

Day Services describes a range of flexible opportunities that support people to remain active, to stay independent and support carers with their respite needs.

What is Available?

Day services include:

  • Day care - located across East Renfrewshire.
  • Day opportunities, including access to rehabilitation programmes at the Barrhead Health Centre (Tel: 0141 800 7156).
  • Advice, information and help to choose.

Who can get help or who can get the service?

Not everyone needs or wants to spend the whole of their day attending day care. Some people want support to pursue hobbies and leisure activities, others want a more structured routine that helps them to manage an illness like Dementia. An assessment of your needs will determine how we can help you to meet your personal outcomes.

We will help you to link into a range of activities based upon the outcomes you wish to achieve. Whether it is support to find a walking group or a photography class or to meet people with similar interests we can help. Some of these classes and activities might charge and we will make sure you have the right information to help you decide.

How does a person access the service?

To get information you can contact East Renfrewshire Customer First and the Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP). We will be able to help you access what is needed to meet your personal outcomes.

Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP)
3 Burnfield Avenue ,
East Renfrewshire.
G46 7TT
Tel: 0141 577 8484
Customer First (customer services)
Council Buildings,
211 Main Street,
East Renfrewshire.
G78 1SY
Tel: 0141 577 3001
​Mon to Fri 8.00am - 6.00pm

Day services offer respite to carers

We know that carers also value the support of day services, they need time out from caring. A flexible approach to day services will offer carers this.

Respite is time away from being a carer that is tailored to what you as a carer needs based upon an understanding of the outcomes you need to be met.

For more information on carer support and advocacy, visit:

If you are a carer and need support you can get help and advice from East Renfrewshire Carers' Centre this will include information about how to get a carers assessment.

Can a person get help with the cost?

We will offer you help and support with making sure you are getting all the financial help you are entitled to. We will always give you the right information about how much a service would cost to allow you to make the decision that is right for you.

You can find out more about benefits and get advice from he council on any money or financial concerns you have:

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