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Like all other public bodies, East Renfrewshire Council is currently facing challenging economic times. It is estimated that East Renfrewshire Council will face a significant cut in funding over the next few years. This is unprecedented and it is clear that we will be faced with very hard choices over the coming months and years.

We have already started the hard work that is required to reduce the gap and meet the growing demand on services. As we go forward, our focus will be to continue to provide frontline services that deliver outcomes for local residents.

We have recognised through our updated Corporate Statement, Your Council, Your Future that it will be necessary for the Council to respond differently, to look at new ways to deliver services and to make further changes to the way we work internally. We need to share resource, skills, expertise and cost. We need to maximise savings through efficiencies to help protect frontline services. This includes finding ways to do more with less, doing things quicker and making better use of technology to modernise the way we work and give customers more modern ways to interact with us.

Our Public Service Excellence programme is helping us internally to prepare for change, to limit potential service cuts and to continue to maintain high standards of service delivery. Public Service Excellence is about increasing the pace of service improvement within our organisation and being more efficient in everything we do.

Efficiency Statement 2016/17

Councils are required to provide annual efficiency statements to COSLA each year.

The efficiency statement can be downloaded from the Related documents area of this page.

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