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Factoring: services to homeowners

This page details useful information on factoring to homeowners.

Is East Renfrewshire Council my factor?

East Renfrewshire Council is your factor if you live in a cottage flat or tenement where there is one or more council owned property and:

  • all of the title deeds of the sold flats in your block have a factors clause and make provisions for East Renfrewshire Council to act as factor and charge a factoring fee or,
  • a majority of owners in the block, including the council, voted for the block to be factored within the terms of the Tenements (Scotland) Act 2004.

What can I expect from the factoring service?

The council is legally responsible for arranging and carrying out necessary repairs at factored blocks. You can find out more about factoring services in your written statement of services. The statement sets out the terms and delivery standards of the arrangements you can expect from the council as a factored owner.

For more information on what you can expect from the factoring service please see the factoring frequently asked questions article which can be found at:

What does factoring cost?

There is a standard factoring fee which is currently £90+VAT charged to every factored owner. This is an annual charge invoiced in April each year.

Factored owners will be invoiced separately for their share of any work carried out.

How do I report a common repair?

All information on the common repair responsibilities of owners and how to make a repair request can be found at:

For more details on the legal responsibilities of the council as a factor please visit:

What if East Renfrewshire Council is not my factor?

The Tenements (Scotland) Act 2004 allows you to carry out common repairs if a majority of owners agree to the work. You are required by law to consult with the other owners in the block (including the council if there is one or more council owned property in the block) if you wish to carry out any common repairs.

The act also allows for any owner, including the council, to undertake emergency work. You should notify the other owners as soon as possible if you have had to instruct any emergency work and keep them up to date with the progress of this.

If we have to carry out any emergency repairs at your block you will be recharged for your share of the cost of the repair plus a call out charge of £30 per repair.

To find out more information about dealing with common repairs, Consumer Focus Scotland have produced a guide called common repairs, common sense:

You should familiarise yourself with the Tenements (Scotland) Act 2004 to ensure that any work you undertake has been coordinated within the boundaries of the law. For more information please visit:

Can I choose to join the factoring service?

If you would like your block to be factored and there are council owned properties at your block, a majority of owners in the block have to vote in favour of the council becoming the factor. If you think a majority decision can be made for the council to factor the block please contact the housing repairs service on the details above.

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