Financial and practical support

Find out about the financial and practical support you'll get to foster a young person.

Foster staff

Financial support

Age of young personAllowance (£)Skills payment (£)Total (£)
 56 weeks52 weeks 
0 to 4 years128.8495.84224.68
5 to 11 years146.76191.22337.98
12 to 16 years182.70274.09456.79
16 to 18 years* (if placed onto foster care)222.21235.04457.25
18 to 21 years* (supported care)154.50174.71329.21

Foster carers in East Renfrewshire get an allowance and a skills payment.

The allowance helps to support the young person's everyday costs. For example, food, clothes and toiletries.

The skills payment is for your time, skills, development and experience as a foster carer. When a young person moves on from foster care, we'll continue to pay the skills payment for 3 months.

*The skills payment depends on the individual young person's circumstances. If you foster a young person in this age range, the team will discuss this with you.

As a foster carer, you may still be able able to claim some benefits. We can give you further information on this to make sure you claim benefits you're entitled to.Claiming benefits

Practical support

Supporting young people can be rewarding as you watch them grow and flourish. We also understand the challenges so you won't be alone.

We give support to young people and their carers to meet individual needs including:

  • professional help and advice from a dedicated social worker for you and the young person you foster
  • 24-hour ongoing support
  • development opportunities to meet and learn from other foster carers
  • support from education, health services and a range of other professionals
  • membership of the Fostering Network who provide independent advice, support and guidance to foster carers in Scotland
Last modified on 2 June 2021