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Green travel tips

Tips and advice on the benefits of green travel.

If more people choose sustainable ways to get around - even just by choosing not to travel by car one or two days a week (or at all) - we can help tackle climate change, save time and money and improve our health.

When it comes to reducing the environmental and climate change impact of how we travel, there's a simple league of what's best.

Avoiding unnecessary travel and congestion

  • Do you really need to make that journey? Or could you double up that journey with something else you need to do?  For example, you could visit some relatives, grab the weekly shopping and do the recycling all in the same trip


  • For short journeys, why not walk instead of taking the car? It's easy, it'll help keep you fit and it won't cost you a thing
  • Why not walk the kids to school or walk to work instead of driving? Even just once or twice a week can make all the difference. You might even surprise yourself and enjoy the change as it becomes part of your routine
  • Walking in East Renfrewshire: Walking in East Renfrewshire


  • Cycling around our towns is easier than ever, with more off-road routes, cycle lanes and advance stop areas at junctions being added all the time. It's cheap, will help get you fit, you won't have to pay to park and you'll avoid any rush-hour jams
  • Cycling in East Renfrewshire: Cycling in East Renfrewshire

Public transport

  • Most people live within 6 minutes walk of their nearest bus stop
  • To find out information about public transport routes and times, go here: Traveline Scotland

Park and ride

  • If you have to drive, using park and ride facilities can also save miles of wear and tear on your car and cut out the hassle of city driving. With more and more bus lanes and better rail links, using park and ride is often quicker in rush hour too
  • SPT provide a great interactive map detailing all Park and Ride locations in the Glasgow area: SPT Park and Ride

New cars

  • There's an increasing range of more fuel-efficient and alternative-fuelled vehicles on the market that can help the environment and save you money - on fuel bills and road tax
  • Though smaller engine sizes usually burn less fuel per mile than larger ones, check what fuel consumption you should be getting when looking at new cars
  • Electric Vehicles are also a great option for reducing carbon emissions and running costs, we provide 5 EV Charge points throughout East Renfrewshire: Electric vehicle charging points


  • You can get more miles for your money and ease the pressure on the environment by driving at a sensible speed, not accelerating or braking sharply and by making sure your car is regularly serviced
  • Keeping your tyres pumped up to the right pressure and clearing unnecessary junk out of your car will also help to save fuel
  • With modern engines, there's no need to 'warm up' the engine before setting off (it only wastes fuel)

Lift sharing

  • Your work may have a car share scheme or you could simply ask around to see if anyone else makes a similar journey to you
  • We provide a sign-up service for car sharing here: SPT JourneyShare - East Renfrewshire Council
  • To be matched up with potential sharers as a driver or passenger in Glasgow, go here: SPT JourneyShare

Active travel planning

  • Does the organisation you work for or your school, college or university have a travel plan? Travel plans are packages of measures that work together to encourage and support people to make more sustainable transport choices
  • Maybe you could encourage your employers to look at developing a Travel Plan for the organisation, with all the financial, productivity and well-being benefits that they can bring?

Smarter working

  • At work, could you do the same thing by using the telephone, email or the Internet? Could you avoid heavy, slow moving traffic in the mornings and evenings by working from home or adjusting your working hours to avoid peak traffic hours?

The big GREEN idea

the big GREEN idea

Think Green
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