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Guidance for home owners on repairs responsibilities

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As you own your home you are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of your property. However, where the council jointly owns the common part of the property we have a common responsibility for arranging repairs or maintenance to the common part of the building. We do this in consultation with you and your neighbours.

All home owners are responsible for repairs and maintenance to communal areas and contributing their share of the costs.  The Tenement (Scotland) Act 2004 aims to ensure that the communal parts of the building are kept in good repair and that all owners maintain the common part of their property. Common parts of the building may include the roof, render, guttering, down pipes, entrance steps, close windows, door entry systems, communal drainage, damp proof course, close lighting and stairwell lighting, shared common pathways and fences. Repairs to these types of areas are known as "common" or "mutual" repairs.

A guide has been produced for all owners, such as you, who live in a block which has a mixture of privately owned properties and council owned properties ("mixed tenure block"). The information in this guide sets out to help you understand why it is necessary to carry out work on the communal or mutually owned part of your property. This type of work is referred to as "common work" or a "mutual repair".

The guide:

  • Outlines how we classify repairs, our approach to the types of repairs we will do, how we will do them and when we will do them and tries to answer all the frequently asked questions you may have.
  • Provides general information and advice about what the law says in relation to common work.
  • Explains briefly how the cost of the work is calculated.
  • Provides information and advice about how and when you should pay any bill that we may send to you.

You can view more information by accessing the 'repairs and improvement guide for homeowners':

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