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Prevention: confident consumers and avoiding scams

The Hydrate Project

Safety in the park 2015

The Prevention Team aim to deliver practical solutions to everyday problems. We all know that Water and Milk is best, but what do we do after that? How do we make an informed choice on other drinks? The Hydrate Project is a fun, informative and interactive scenario that can be delivered to all groups, Parents, Careers, Children and Families explaining how to read food labels to understand sugar content, including hidden sugars in beverages and food and items.

In partnership with the Prevention Team, pupils in year groups S1 - S6 from Eastwood High helped make a Hydrate information video:

Sam Callaghan X Factor Prevention team

Sam Callaghan X-Factor star visited the Prevention Team and enjoyed hearing about our holistic approach to Challenge 25 and learning about how much sugar was in his drinks!

For more information or to book the resources contact the Prevention Team.

Also for more information on diet and health statistics visit:

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