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Interpretation and language services

Translation, transcription, interpretation and communication language service.

East Renfrewshire Council is committed to providing equality of access to services taking into account the different needs of people depending on age, race, gender, religion or disability and tailoring services to suit.

What do we mean by translation, transcription, interpretation and communication?


The conversion of written texts from one language to another.


The conversion of written text into Braille.


The conversion of speech from one language (including sign languages) to another.


A variety of ways of supporting communication with those who do not use the conventional forms of spoken or written English including lip-reading, lip-speaking and communication technologies (e.g. text phone, audio tapes, CD's, zoom-text).  

How can I get help?

If you need assistance talking to or communicating with the council we can help.  You can either call into either of our two offices or phone us. A customer service officer will be able to get you the support you require.

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