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Council performance, statistics and spending

Economic Development performance information

The council is committed to supporting our local economy and this information summarises how well we are doing in this.

Service overview

Economic Development and Regeneration covers three service areas - Employability, Economic and Business Development, and Regeneration. These services are designed to support and develop the three core areas of the economy; the skills and employability of our local residents, local business and place, and infrastructure to support economic growth.

Economic Development is responsible for the council's overarching economic strategy and for co-ordinating actions across the community planning partnership in response to the current economic downturn. Resources are being allocated to ensure the target number of individuals entering employment, training, education or volunteering as a result of training and employability services is met.  However, we must also consider the Government's Welfare Reform agenda and the pressure this may place on council services.

The Planning service help plan the pattern of development and use of land across East Renfrewshire. The service promotes and facilitates development whilst at the same time protecting and enhancing the natural and built environment.

How the public can get involved

Economic Development is a front line service engaging the business community, unemployed people and the general public to use our services.  All customers are surveyed on the service provided and invited to feedback on their experience.  In addition, the Local Plan consultations, business networking events, job fairs and drop-in events are all ways that the public can get involved.

Table showing performance information about economic development in East Renfrewshire. Economic Development Performance Information

Performance Indicator



How well are we doing?
Percentage of unemployed people accessing jobs via Council funded/operated employability programmes.12.3%13%Improving
Number of individuals entering employment, training, education or volunteering as a result of training and employability services.474N/ATarget exceeded - no update
Number of businesses supported by Council Economic Development activity e.g. grants, loans and advice2333Improving

To find out more about how East Renfrewshire is performing in comparison to other Scottish councils visit the mylocalcouncil tool and our benchmarking page.

What are we doing to improve performance?

The Economic Development Team and Work EastRen actively bid for the 2014-2020 European Structural Funds programmes which will fund the vast majority of employability and business development activity. Work EastRen has carried out a review of the Modern Apprenticeship programme and the Council will adopt a more corporate approach which links with the Workforce Planning agenda. This will be reflected in our National Training Programmes bids to Skills Development Scotland. Once external funding sources have been secured Economic Development and Work EastRen will actively promote business support and employability services via their respective marketing strategies which ensure an increase in targets achieved.

The City Deal programme links well with the employability and business development services. Economic Development will ensure that maximum benefits are derived from this infrastructure programme in terms of construction related jobs, supply chain links and end use jobs.

Community Benefits, the Council's Sustainable Procurement Policy, will also secure a wide range of interventions in terms of employability, which the Work EastRen team will secure for residents.

More detailed information on what we are working to achieve can be found at:

We report to SLAED who compile a list of indicators of economic development and employability activity.

Other internet pages that may be useful are;


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