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Planning and Building Standards

Enforcement of planning control

How to report an unauthorised development and the council's planning enforcement powers.

The East Renfrewshire Council Planning Enforcement Charter sets out what powers are available to the Council in relation to planning enforcement and how it will investigate possible breaches of planning control:

The Council's Enforcement Register from 2011 onwards (which lists only those cases where a formal notice has been issued) is available to view online. The Register contains a copy of the relevant notice. To view this, go to the online planning service, select the button to search for Enforcements and then enter %% in the 'search box'.

This will provide a list of all cases since 2011 where a formal notice has been served. Clicking on a particular case will allow you to see further details and view the Notice on the Documents tab.

I wish to report an unauthorised development

If you have concerns about unauthorised work or development please use the online form to let us know.

You can find out how we use your information in our privacy statement on our website.
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