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Planning and building standards

Building standards and public safety

How to report a dangerous building and safety information about other buildings and structures.

Report a dangerous building

You can report a dangerous building or structure directly to us 24 hours a day.

Phone 0141 577 3001 Monday to Friday between 8:45am and 1:00pm (excluding public holidays).

Phone 0141 577 3556 to speak to building standards at all other times.

What is a dangerous building?

A building is a danger to members of the public and includes:

  • loose or falling roof tiles
  • walls or fences that are in danger of collapse
  • unstable chimneys
  • larger buildings that become unstable

Temporary raised structures

  • a platform, stand, staging or other similar structure
  • provides seating or standing space
  • is 600mm or more above ground level

We check raised structures are safe and secure. It must have a safe entry, exit and escape route in an emergency situation.

Do I need to apply for permission for temporary raised structure?

You don't need to apply for permission if:

  • a building warrant has been approved for the building
  • scaffolding or similar equipment is used in the building works

Apply for permission to use a raised structure

Licensing inspection

We carry out inspections at licensed premises to make sure there's:

  • a means of escape
  • emergency lighting
  • toilet and washing facilities
  • access for the disabled
  • occupant capacity
  • structural stability

Building standards certificate

The licensing board looks at applications for premises where alcohol will be sold for:

  • drinking on premises
  • drinking off premises
  • drinking both on and off premises

Apply for a building standards certificate

Related information

Apply for a building warrant

Apply for a letter of comfort

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