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Scheduled Monuments

A Scheduled Monument is a monument that has been granted legal protection against unauthorised change by Scottish Ministers under the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Areas Act 1979.

Carved stone of Arthur's Cross

Guidance and criteria for classifying Scheduled Monuments as set out by Scottish Ministers includes a wide range of factors, such as:

  • Artistic
  • Archaeological
  • Historical
  • Traditional
  • Aesthetic
  • Scientific
  • Social

The legal protection is intended to preserve the monument for future generations.  If scheduled, prior written consent of Scottish Ministers is required for most works, including repairs.

A new bill, Historic Environment (Amendment) (Scotland), was passed by Scottish parliament on 20th January 2011.  A link to the Bill is given in the External Websites Section.

The Bill amends and addresses specific gaps and weaknesses identified in 3 pieces of legislation:

Who is responsible for determining a Scheduled Monument?

Historic Scotland, on behalf of Scottish ministers, decides which monuments should be scheduled.

The Scottish Historic Environment Policy Sets out Scottish ministers' policies, providing direction for Historic Scotland.

Where can I find Scheduled Monuments?

There are 5 Scheduled Ancient Monuments in East Renfrewshire as given in the table below.  The legal documents for each scheduling can be downloaded.

For further information and a complete register of Scheduled Ancient Monuments throughout Scotland you can search the Historic Scotland website.

Scheduled Monuments in East Renfrewshire
Monument NameCategoryLast Scheduled

pdf icon Arthur's Cross [1Mb], Springhill Road, Arthurlie

Crosses and carved stones15/11/1974

pdf icon Duncarnock Fort [528kb]

Prehistoric domestic and defensive25/11/1981

pdf icon Polnoon Castle [726kb]

pdf icon North Kirktonmoor Cairn [839kb], 330m SW of North Kirktonmoor farmsteading.Prehistoric ritual and funerary03/03/1993
pdf icon Deils Wood Cairn [527kb], 250m E of BonnytonPrehistoric ritual and funerary11/08/2010
Dunwan Hill, FortPrehistoric domestic and defensive24/2/2011
Hut Circle and enclosure, 540m WSW of MiddletonPrehistoric domestic and defensive24/2/2011
Hut Circle 965m WNW of BannerbankPrehistoric domestic and defensive1/3/2011
Cairn 930m E of Moyne, Near NeilstonPrehistoric ritual and funerary7/6/2012
Cairn 420m N of East Revoch, near EagleshamPrehistoric ritual and funerary5/10/2011
Cup-marked stone 485m N of East Revoch, near EagleshamPrehistoric ritual and funerary5/10/2011
Busby Upper Mill, Cotton Mill 60mN of 1 Cartview CourtMill4/7/2014

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