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Getting to school

School Crossing Patrols

School Crossing patrols ensure the travel to and from school for local children is as safe a possible.

Helping children get to school safely

The school crossing patrol service has the duty of seeing children safely across the road at specific sites on their journey to and from school. The patrols normally work two times a day during the school term 8.30am - 9.15am (morning shift) and 2.40pm - 3.55pm (afternoon shift).  

Parental responsibility

Whilst every effort is made to staff each site during the school term, cover can't be guaranteed as sites can become vacant, often at very short notice. It should be noted that even where a school crossing patrol is provided, parents remain responsible for ensuring their child's safety on their whole journey to and from school.


It's an offence under the Road Traffic Regulations Act 1984, for a driver to fail to stop for a patroller wearing the official uniform and displaying the patrol stop sign. It's also an offence for a driver to move off whilst the patroller is still on the road.

The school crossing patrols were given extended powers by the Transport (Scotland) Act 2001, meaning that patrollers can now stop traffic to help adults cross the road, as well as children going to and from school.

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