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Planning and building standards

Site inspections, notifications and completion certificates

Find out about site inspections during building work and how to apply for a completion certificate.

Site inspections

All building warrants will undergo the Verification During Construction scheme. This is set by the Scottish Government.

When we approve your building warrant, we'll also give you an individual Construction Compliance Notification Plan (CCNP).

Construction Compliance Notification Plan

The CCNP sets out the key stages of the work and what inspections and notifications should be carried out during the work to keep us notified of its progress.

The plan takes account the size and complexity of the work.

You're responsible for making sure this plan is followed and that other people involved in the work know about it.

We may refuse to issue a completion certificate if you don't follow the CCNP.

Completion certificates

You must apply for a completion certificate to confirm the work has been carried out to building regulations.

You need to apply for this within 3 years of when we approve the building warrant. After you apply, we need to inspect the work and approve the completion certificate.

Late completion certificates

It's an offence to start building work without a building warrant. Sometimes you can still apply for completion certificate without a building warrant. This applies to work carried out before October 2012.

Apply on eBuilding Standards Scotland

For work carried out before October 2012, you need to apply for a letter of comfort.


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