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Registering a stillbirth

Who can register a stillbirth, where to go to do this and what you will need to bring along.

Who can register the stillbirth?

  • If the parents are married to each other, either the mother or the father can register the Stillbirth
  • If the parents are unmarried and wish the fathers name to be entered into the register both must attend the registration office
  • Under exceptional circumstances a relative could register the Stillbirth but you will need to contact the registrar for advice

Where and when

Stillbirth should be registered within 21 days.

Stillbirths taking place anywhere in Scotland can be registered at either of our two registration offices. A stillbirth can also be registered at any other registration office in Scotland.


To avoid unnecessary queuing please phone 0141 577 3008 to book an appointment to see a registrar.

What details do you need?

  • Full name and surname of the child
  • Sex, date, place and exact time of birth of the child
  • Mother's full name, maiden surname (if this applies), occupation and date of birth
  • Father's full name, occupation and date of birth (if this applies)
  • Place and date of your marriage (if this applies)

Documents you will need to bring

  • The notification card from the hospital detailing exact date and time of Stillbirth
  • Your marriage certificate (if applicable)

Documents you will receive

A certificate of registration of stillbirth for production to the person in charge of the burial ground or crematorium.

If one of the parents registers the stillbirth and requests it, an extract of the entry in the register.

There is no charge for this service.

Additional copies of the certificate can only be issued at the time of registration and only with the authority of The Registrar General for Scotland. Copies cannot be requested at a later date.

Advice and support

The following page has links to several organisations that can offer you support at this difficult time:

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