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Planning and Building Standards

Treeworks and Tree Preservation Orders

This page provides contact details and information on trees covered by Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) and in Conservation Areas.

Trees covered by TPOs or in Conservation Areas

You require consent from us if you wish to undertake works to trees covered by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO).

Alternatively, you need to give the council at least 6 weeks written notice if the tree is within a Conservation Area.

The same treeworks application/notification form is used for both TPO and Conservation Area treework applications. You can do this on the ePlanning Scotland website.

    Our online planning service allows you to check for recent treework applications.

    Help with confirming whether you need to submit a treeworks application; or in respect of any other issues relating to trees in a TPO or Conservation Area can be obtained by contacting our Planning Service:

    Development Management
    2 Spiersbridge Way,
    Spiersbridge Business Park,
    East Renfrewshire.
    G46 8NG
    Tel: 0141 577 3001

    Trees on council owned land

    If the trees are not in a TPO or Conservation area and you are in a council owned house you should contact your local housing officer to discuss the works.

    If you think the trees are on council maintained land you should contact:

    Andrew McCloy
    Arboricultural Officer
    Tel: 0141 577 3916

    Please note that the council cannot normally become involved with matters relating to trees or hedges that are not covered by any of the above circumstances. In these circumstances the responsibility for the trees lies with the landowner.

    High hedges

    For information and guidance on high hedges please visit:

    Additional advice and information

    You may find the advice given in the following documents helpful:

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