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Planning and building standards

Tree work and Tree Preservation Orders

Find out about planning laws to help protect our trees and woodland.

Tree Preservation Orders

Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) help to protect trees which are important to the area.

Tree work covered by TPOs

You need permission from us to carry out work on trees covered by a TPO.

This includes:

  • felling
  • lopping
  • topping
  • trimming
  • uprooting

It's illegal to carry out tree work without our permission. You could face a fine up to £20,000.

Work on trees in conservation areas

You need to give 6 weeks written notice to ask to carry out work on a tree in a conservation area.

We'll either agree to the work or apply a TPO to the tree(s).

Apply on ePlanning Scotland online

Work on trees on council owned land

Contact your housing officer if you live in a council house.

Contact technical services on 0141 577 3001 about tree on council land.

Identifying TPOs and trees in conservation areas

Find details of TPOs and trees in conservation areas on the local development plan map


Phone: 0141 577 3001

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