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Whitelee windfarm

Meet the Whitelee Rangers

Learn more about the rangers who form the Whitelee Countryside Ranger Service

Ranger ATV at work

Rennie Mason

Rennie comes to the role from a environmental/conservation and community background having worked in the sector for over 15 years with a variety of council and conservation organisations as well as an independent consultant for a number of years.

"Having spent a lot of time carrying out plant surveys all over Scotland I have a real interest in them and the folklore of plants, such as the one time use of Lesser Spearwort (Ranunculus flammula) by beggars to cause sores on their skin - to get more money when begging!

The lowly common toad is probably my favourite animal of all because its cloaked in mystery and mythology to this day - such as the belief that they have a golden pebble in their heads. I love adders and insects as well due to adders being one of the few dangerous animals left in the UK countryside!

Interesting Nature Fact:

Scarily, for every human alive, there are 200 million insects and the combined weight of all of them is 12 times greater than the weight of the entire human population!

Kate Elliott

Relatively new to the Rangering scene, Kate joined WCRS in late 2014, having spent the previous 2 years at Rouken Glen Park, one year at Stirling Council Ranger Service (where she caught the Rangering bug as a volunteer shortly after graduating in Ecology), and 4 months as Intern Ranger at Dams to Darnley Country Park in the summer of 2011.

'As a Ranger, I try to keep my generalist knowledge up-to-scratch in as many areas as I can, however I do have a keen interest in insects - they truly are the little things that run the planet!

One of my favourite animals is the Short Eared Owl. I first glimpsed one whilst monitoring butterflies on Wester Moss in Stirling, a ghostly figure flew silently over the bog in the afternoon sunshine - amazing!'

Interesting Nature Fact:

The larva of the Golden Ringed Dragonfly was used as inspiration for some of the life forms in the 'Alien' movies - creepy!

Kathleen McMillan

Kathleen decided to train to be a Countryside Ranger after she started volunteering with Clyde Muirshiel Regional Park and fell in love with outdoors. She worked her first Seasonal Ranger job at Culzean Castle and Country Park in 2015, where she stayed for another season, before moving to Clyde Muirshiel Regional Park as a Seasonal for over a year. Kathleen joined the Whitelee Ranger Service in the summer of 2018.

'I love being a Countryside Ranger and have learned lots from the different sites I have worked at over the years and love developing new skills.

The common lizard is my favourite animal. It's normally over looked by people but it is an amazing creature, I first studied them for my Honours project in 2014. I also love marine wildlife, volunteering with the Marine Conservation Society to help protect the creatures that call the ocean home. I can normally be found climbing around rockpools.'

Interesting Nature Fact:                                                  

Over 15,000 marine species are found in UK seas and all of them are being effected by marine litter and pollution!

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