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New housing

Statistics on new housing (adopted plan) and overall housing tenure.

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The adopted Local Development Plan (LDP) ( June 2015) sets out the long term vision and strategy for East Renfrewshire up-to 2025 and beyond and the policies and proposals required to deliver this. Together with the Approved Glasgow and Clyde Valley Strategic Development Plan (May 2012), these documents form the basis on which all planning applications require to be determined. The LDP sets an all tenure housing supply target of 4,100 homes (3,200 private and 900 affordable homes) to be provided during the period 2009-2025.

The housing supply target set out in the adopted LDP reflects the Approved Strategic Development Plan (SDP) (2012). The main housing evidence base is the Strategic Housing Need and Demand Assessment 2011 (HNDA1). This needs assessment has been utilised to inform the proposed scale, nature and distribution of the housing requirement for East Renfrewshire.

The SDP is currently under review with the Proposed Plan currently being taken through Examination. A revised regional Housing Need and Demand Assessment (HNDA2) was prepared to support the Proposed Plan. The outcomes of this assessment replace the current housing targets set out in LDP1.

HNDA2 and Proposed SDP2 continue to highlight a clear level of need and strong demand for affordable and private housing in East Renfrewshire up to 2029. The Proposed SDP2 continues to plan for ambitious yet realistic growth.

Over the past 16 years, house building in East Renfrewshire peaked in 2000/01 at just over 400 units and then reduced significantly to a low of around 69 in 2006/07. The Scottish economy went into recession in the middle of 2008. Since 2010/11, housing completions have generally increased. Graph 41 of the report (see related documents) sets out projected programming over future years which reveal a further increase in numbers of completions.

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