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Cloth or re-usable nappies

Cloth nappies will save you a small fortune in disposables and save hundreds of nappies from rotting in landfill.

Real nappies offer considerable savings for both parents, the council and the environment. Not only can disposable nappies cost families up to £1000 per child but there are also significant costs involved in the disposal to landfill of disposable nappies which must be met by local councils and taxpayers. And because of the materials that a disposable nappy is made from do not decompose easily, every disposable nappy ever used around the world is still sitting in landfill both taking up space and contributing to the creation of greenhouse gases.

Real nappies eliminate a significant portion of this disposal and can cost as little as £200 for parents, with even more savings if nappies are used for multiple children. This leaves parents with more money in their pockets, and a much better environmental impact.

Interested in using real nappies?

The best way to learn about real nappies is to hear from parents that are using or have used them. While East Renfrewshire does not have its own real nappy network, Glasgow  has a club of mums who are happy to share their experiences and expertise:

While major retailers such as Mothercare and Tesco do stock some varieties of cloth nappies, most retailers are found online and the variety of cloth nappies can be overwhelming.  It's best to go a long to a 'nappuccino' event to see what's available.  This is an informal get-together with other parents who use real nappies. The Glasgow Cloth Nappies community group can advise you on up-coming 'nappuccino' events.

East Renfrewshire Real Nappies Incentive Payment

We make an incentive payment of £30 to parents or carers who choose to use real nappies with their baby.

Proof of purchase of real nappies or a letter (on headed paper) or email from your health visitor to state that you are using real nappies on your baby will be required before payment will be made by cheque. For more information please contact:

Cleansing Services
First floor
Thornliebank Depot
190 Carnwadric Road
East Renfrewshire
G46 8HR
Email: cleansing&
Tel: 0141 577 3038

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