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Helpful advice and information about benefit entitlement.

Read about the changes to benefits here.

Universal Credit is coming to East Renfrewshire on 26 September 2018. Find out what's different and how it affects you if you claim benefits.

Advice and assistance on how to work out if you are entitled to benefits and how to claim them. Also links to the Benefits Health Check and recommended benefit calculators.

You must let the council know as soon as you know your situation will be changing if you are in receipt of housing benefit and/or council tax reduction.

How to make an appeal if you were unsuccessful with your housing benefit application or council tax reduction application or how to appeal a benefit or council tax reduction change.

You may be entitled to council tax reduction if you are on a low income; find out how to qualify and apply.

Information on what is housing benefit, how to apply for it and what evidence you need to bring along.

Information on child benefit, child tax credit and maternity/paternity allowances from the UK government.

More information about various health, disability and social care benefits that residents can claim from the UK government.

More information on the range of Social Fund benefits for people on a low income.

Links to the clothing grants, free school meals and Education Maintenance Allowance information pages.

Benefits to help you get back into work from the UK government.

Get access to redundancy advice and how to calculate your statutory redundancy entitlement.

More information on retirement and pension related benefits from the UK government.

Information on what benefits are available in bereavement from the UK government.

If you think that someone has made a dishonest claim for housing benefit and/or council tax reduction please let the Department for Work and Pensions know.

Information on how to make an enquiry related to benefits.

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