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Bins, recycling and rubbish

East Renfrewshire Council bin lorry

About Cleansing Services

We deliver a number of services to households and businesses in East Renfrewshire and work to keep our streets clean.

Brown bin being collected ~ Member of cleansing emptying a brown bin into a bin lorry

Find out when your grey bin, brown bin and recycling boxes and sacks are emptied.

Hands at a keyboard ~ Hands at a keyboard

What to do if you think we have missed your collection.

White sack and blue box for recycling ~ White sack and blue box for recycling

From time to time you may need to replace your bins, box or bags which have been damaged or lost.

Soft drinks cans ready for recycling ~ Soft drinks cans ready for recycling

Kerbside services for the collection of paper, card, glass, cans, plastics, garden and food waste (white and green bag, blue box and brown bin).

Grey bin ready for collection ~ Grey bin outside a residence ready to be collected

A service for the collection of any waste that cannot be recycled.

Bulky uplift ~ Two cleansing staff collecting large items

Arrange and pay for bulky or excess household waste to be uplifted. Fridges, freezers, mattresses, suites.

Recycling point signage ~ East Renfrewshire metal information signage used at recycling points

Locations and opening hours of recycling centres and points where you can take household waste for recycling.

Painting over graffiti ~ East Renfrewshire staff painting over graffiti

How to report fly-tipping, graffiti and litter online. Link to report dog fouling and other dog warden services.

Business waste wheelie bin ~ Large wheelie bin used for business waste in East Renfrewshire

A chargeable service for the collection of waste and recycling from businesses in East Renfrewshire.

Recycled paper mound being moved by digger ~ Recycled paper mound being moved by digger

Find out what happens to your kerbside recycling once we take it away.

High street charity shop ~ External shot of an East Renfrewshire charity shop

How to waste less. Composting. Smart Shopping. Repair and re-use.