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Learning as an Adult

Guidance and support

What can Adult Learning offer? Not sure of what you want to do?

Members of the public enjoying a Guidance and Support class

The Adult Learning Service offers a range of learning opportunities for everyone. Whether you want to gain new skills or qualifications, get a new job, go to college or just build confidence with the skills you already have, you will be welcome to attend the courses we provide.

To arrange to meet a member of the Adult Learning Team contact:

Adult Learning
Tel: 0800 052 0239 (Free phone) or 0141 577 3306

Who can attend?

Everyone from 16 years old and upwards is welcome to attend our Adult Learning courses. 


Courses are designed around you, are fun and provided by experienced and qualified staff.

What will happen?

When you contact Adult Learning we will:

  1. Arrange to meet you to talk about what it is you want to do
  2. Develop a learning plan for you by discussing how you feel about your learning and where you would like to be
  3. Set up a learning session for you on a day, time and place that suits you
  4. Meet with you at regular intervals to look at your progress and when you are ready to move on we can support you to identify the correct route for you

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