53 residential roads and pavements across East Renfrewshire set to be upgraded

In an ongoing effort to maintain and improve roads, we've approved an additional investment of £3million for roads and pavement resurfacing across the local authority.

Roads resurfacing projects

Published: 18 April 2023

The 2023/24 roads maintenance programme will use the additional £3million of resources alongside other annual budgets to improve the condition of 40 roads and 13 pavements throughout the area.

In its 2019/20 budget, we committed an additional £15m capital investment for roads infrastructure enhancements over the following five years.

During the first four years of this additional capital investment, to the end of 2022/23, a total of 134 road and 44 pavement resurfacing projects have been completed. Without this capital allocation these roads and pavements would not have received any treatment other than safety defect repairs.

Our A and B class road network is classed as in a relatively good condition and the majority of the additional £3m annual allocation has been directed towards residential roads (C and unclassified roads).

As with previous years, the prioritisation of the resurfacing projects has taken a range of factors into account including: the structural condition of the road or pavement, its usage, cost of maintenance for the previous three years, number of complaints received and geographical spread.

Roads and pavements set to be resurfaced across the area over the coming year include: Larchwood Terrace, Barrhead, Forrestfield Crescent, Newton Mearns, Double Hedges Road, Neilston, Merryton Avenue, Giffnock, Westfield Road, Thornliebank, Burnside Gardens, Clarkston, Arthur Street, Busby and Montgomery Street, Eaglesham.

Earlier this year, we outlined plans to continue the extra capital investment which was due to finish next year. The improvement programme will extend for a further five years, starting in 2024/25 and invest £3.5m each year on upgrading roads and pavements.

Councillor Danny Devlin, Convener for Housing and Environment, said: 'High quality roads are a key priority for our residents so I'm delighted that a further 53 roads and pavements are set to benefit from improvements over the next year. It's great that 178 road and pavement resurfacing projects have been completed since the additional capital investment began in 2019. It's clear they have made a real difference to local communities, as we aim to continue to improve our road network year on year. I'm looking forward to seeing the upgrades completed this year.'

Alongside the resurfacing works, £200-300k of this additional capital budget has also been spent each year on upgrading street lighting and replacing lanterns with more energy efficient LEDs. 18 sets of traffic signals/pedestrian crossings have also been replaced or upgraded.

In addition to the resurfacing programme, £200k of the additional capital budget for 2023/24 has been allocated to large scale road patching repairs.

We ensure that all potholes reported are inspected as soon as possible, with the most serious potholes prioritised for repair. Residents are encouraged to report road defects on our website.

Full list of resurfacing works:

Road resurfacing

B771 Paisley Road (part), Barrhead

A736 Main Street, Barrhead (Dovecothall roundabout to Church Road westbound)

A736 Lochlibo Road (at Holehouse Brae), Neilston

C3 Uplawmoor Road (part)

Aurs Crescent, Barrhead 

Larchwood Terrace, Barrhead

Newton Avenue (Cedar Place to Oakbank Drive), Barrhead

Campbell Drive, Barrhead

Harelaw Avenue, Barrhead

A77 Ayr Road, Newton Mearns

B769 Stewarton Road (Spiersbridge roundabout to Patterton Roundabout) Forrestfield Crescent, Newton Mearns

Lomond Drive, Newton Mearns

Double Hedges Road, Neilston

Merrycrest Avenue (Braidholm Road to Thornlea Drive), Giffnock

Merryton Avenue, Giffnock

North Park Avenue, Thornliebank

Summerlea Road, Thornliebank

Westfield Road, Thornliebank

Percy Drive, Giffnock

B759 Carmunnock Road (Laurel Grove to Council boundary) 

Arthur Street, Busby

Burnside Gardens, Clarkston

Golf Road (Stewart Drive to Seres Road), Clarkston

Hillend Road (Sundale Avenue to Glendoune Road), Clarkston

Stamperland Drive (Stamperland Gardens to Stamperland Way), Clarkston Stamperland Gardens (Clarkston Road to Randolph Drive), Clarkston

Woodbank Crescent, Clarkston

C1 Mearns Road (Laigh Road to Broom Road), Newton Mearns 

B764 Eaglesham Moor Road (part)

Bonnyton Drive (Access to No. 61 to Access to No. 128), Eaglesham

Broom Road East (Co-op to Mearns Road), Newton Mearns

Cedarwood Avenue (Cul-de-Sac), Newton Mearns

Dunvegan Drive (part), Newton Mearns

Lochbroom Drive, Newton Mearns 

Maple Avenue, Newton Mearns 

Montgomery Street, Eaglesham

Shawwood Crescent, Newton Mearns 

Polnoon Street, Eaglesham

Woodland Crescent, Eaglesham

Pavement resurfacing

Fraser Avenue (part), Newton Mearns

Glen Doll Road (part), Neilston

Glen Finlet Crescent (part), Neilston

Lomond Drive (part), Newton Mearns

Douglas Avenue, Giffnock

Merryton Avenue, Giffnock 

Heathside Road, Giffnock 

Southlea Avenue, Thornliebank

Carmunnock Road (Laurel Grove to Council boundary), Busby  

Stamperland Gardens (Clarkston Road to Randolph Drive), Clarkston 

Woodbank Crescent, Clarkston      

Broomfield Avenue (Castlehill Avenue to Castleton Drive), Newton Mearns

Woodland Crescent, Eaglesham

Last modified on 27 April 2023