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Community risk register

At all times during an emergency, members of the community are encouraged to act safely and not to put themselves or others at risk.

Cover of the West of Scotland risk register document

All work done by the community should be safe and appropriate. The government does not expect the public to take unnecessary risks during an emergency.

A community risk register is designed to inform the general public of a range of potentially disruptive events to the local area based on current risk assessments.

The inclusion of a particular risk in the register does not necessarily indicate that it is expected that the risk will lead to an actual event or occurrence, or occur at the scale described.

The risk assessments have been made on the credible worst case scenarios and applied to identify hazards that are present within the local area.

Being aware of such threats will enable you to identify where you are most vulnerable and prepare accordingly.

You can access the community risk register from the Fire Scotland link:

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