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Children and families

Hear from foster carers' own children

Foster carers share the positive impact on their birth children and extended families.

Our family have become very used to having foster children as part of our family over the years. They are always made very welcome and included as part of the family, no matter if they are with the family for a week or a year. It is very enjoyable looking after those in need and knowing that you are making a difference in their lives.

Young people as part of a foster caring family can realise the importance of love, care and friendship in family life as well as achieving an insight into how other families less fortunate than themselves live. They can also gain important life skills such as learning how to raise small children. This is something I have personally learnt a great deal about; many young people don't know anything about caring for babies, however I feel very confident in my ability to do so from growing up in a foster family.

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