Tenant led scrutiny

We're working with The Tenants Information Service (TIS) and our tenants to develop tenant scrutiny of the delivery of housing and related services.

TIS are experts in housing, community development, and engagement practice. As a National Membership Organisation, with over 200 tenants, community and housing organisation Members, they are committed to influencing change and strive for an active, inclusive, and just Scotland, with strong, equitable, and sustainable communities.

What is tenant participation?

Tenant participation is about tenants, and wider customers of housing services, taking part in decision-making processes and influencing decisions about housing policies; housing conditions; and housing (and related) services. It is a two-way process which involves the sharing of information, ideas, and power.


Tenant-led scrutiny of housing services enables tenants and their landlord to work in partnership, to identify where services and investment are well placed, and where value for money is being delivered. More importantly it identifies areas for improvements, which in turn can lead to improved service performance and increased tenant satisfaction.

Scrutiny is an opportunity for tenants, landlords, and community groups alike to work together and influence decisions about housing services.

Scrutiny empowers tenants to question their landlord on how their rent money is spent and whether it is spent in a way that achieves value for money.

Why get involved?

We are looking for service improvement volunteers to help identify good practice in our housing service, however more importantly areas for improvement.

Working together in partnership we can improve services and make a real difference! You don't need experience as support will be provided throughout.

Informal Tenants Session

You are invited to an informal tenants session to take part in discussions about the role of tenant participation and scrutiny improving housing services in your area. The session will take place on Thursday 8 February (3.30pm) at Cowan Park, Aurs Road, Barrhead, G78 2RN.

If you are interested in coming along to the informal focus group, please call the TIS free information line on 0800 488 0982 or email info@tis.org.uk

Spaces are limited, so we encourage you to book your place as soon as possible.

Last modified on 30 January 2024