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Street cleaning and grass cutting

Find out how we approach street cleaning, grass cutting on verges and weed control.

The Environmental Protection Act 1990 says we need to keep specific land clear and public roads free of litter. This is as much is as practically possible.

The Code of Practice on Litter and Refuse (Scotland) 2006 defines standards of cleanliness which are achievable in differing locations and under differing circumstances.

It's more important how clean the area is than how often is cleaned or treated. The approach we take to street cleaning, grass cutting and weed control will vary across area.

Road verge grass cutting

We cut grass on roadside verges to protect sight-lines at junctions. In urban or semi-rural areas, a one metre swathe next to the carriage way will be cut.

We plan for up to 3 cuts per year between April and October. This depends on growth and weather conditions.

There is no specific standard for road verge grass cutting. The council decides if any remedial work is needed after road verge maintenance.

Weed cutting

We control weeds on public footpaths between April and October each year. We plan for 2 treatments a year. This depends on growth and weather conditions.

We use approved Systematic Biodegradable Herbicides. These only attack green leaves and are pet safe.

There is no specific standard for weed control. The council decides most appropriate timing of weed control treatment.

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