HSCP Awarded Digital Telecare Implementation Award

East Renfrewshire Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP) has been awarded the Gold Level Two Digital Telecare Implementation Award in recognition of the recent progress of their analogue to digital telecare transition project.

Telecare Gold 2 Award

To achieve the Gold Level Two Implementation Award, a Telecare Service Provider must have successfully rolled out a live digital telecare service to 50% of service users and is operating successfully without serious issues or call failures for at least 6 weeks.

Since achieving the Gold Level One Implementation award in July 2023, the HSCP has made remarkable strides, and installation levels have far surpassed their projected targets. Achieving Gold 2 status requires a 50% rollout to digital users, and as of March 2024 they have already reached 75% of their client base. This success can be attributed to the diligent efforts and overtime put in by the HSCP to expedite the digital transformation.

Anne-Marie Monaghan, Chair of East Renfrewshire Integration Joint Board (IJB) said: "Telecare is a vital service for some our most vulnerable residents, as it helps them to continue to live safely in the comfort of their own home. This is a fantastic achievement and it's a testament to the Telecare team, and their proactive approach, that we have reached this milestone so quickly.

"A big well done to everyone involved, take the time to celebrate this award and keep up the good work - we are on the final stretch of the project."

Despite facing significant challenges with supplier stock availability, the Partnership has successfully navigated these hurdles. To ensure timely deliveries, they have diversified their alarm distribution across three selected suppliers and there is a strong emphasis on swiftly installing alarms in clients' homes. This proactive approach aims to facilitate the transition from analogue to digital, which all service providers are required to complete by 2025. By staying ahead of potential switchovers, the HSCP aims to provide uninterrupted support to their clients.

Lee McLaughlin, Head of Adult Service: Communities and Wellbeing at East Renfrewshire Health and Social Care Partnership said: "I'm really delighted that this project is being delivered at such pace. The roll out of Digital Alarms in East Renfrewshire is a priority for the Health and Social Care Partnership, and this is a significant milestone.

"I would like to thank our implementation team for their excellent planning, professionalism, hard work, and sheer tenacity.

"The project is set to be complete in the summer and I look forward to celebrating after the last installation."

100% of the HSCP client base will be moved to digital by summer 2024.  

Last modified on 20 May 2024