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Environmental Health


What to do if you suspect asbestos or have a building containing asbestos.

Anyone who owns, occupies, manages or is obliged to repair non-domestic premises must establish whether there is any asbestos material within the premises and what condition it is in.

There is a requirement in these circumstances to keep a register of the location of asbestos-containing materials or presumed asbestos-containing materials, together with details of how you intend to manage and control the risks which may arise from asbestos.

Private dwelling houses are exempt from the above requirements but householders still have a duty of care to ensure that all asbestos-containing materials (if and when removed from a property or associated structure for which they are the duty holder) are transported and disposed of safely. Asbestos must be properly contained by either being double-bagged in heavy duty plastic bags or double-wrapped in heavy duty plastic sheeting. Both types of wrapping must then be sealed with tape to prevent the escape of any asbestos.

If you require more information on Asbestos this can be found in the handbook guide:

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