Camping at Whitelee

Information about camping at Whitelee.

Visitors to Whitelee can 'wild camp' under the rights granted by the Scottish Outdoor Access Code (opens new window) (SOAC) if done responsibly.

  • Avoid overcrowding by moving on to another location.
  • Carry a trowel to bury toilet waste and urinate well away from water courses.
  • Use a stove or leave no trace of any camp fire.
  • Never cut down or damage trees.
  • Take away your rubbish and consider picking up other litter as well.

The majority of Whitelee windfarm is built on an area of blanket (peat) bog and, as such, good camping locations are limited. It's not advisable to camp on the peatbog as it's made up of 90% water (and 10% plant matter), making it extremely soft and wet in places. This means that pitched tents can sink into the peat when in use, so please stick to the recommended locations for your safety and comfort.


We advise wild campers to use a stove but a small campfire is permitted under SOAC if managed responsibly. If you light a small open fire:

  • keep it manageable
  • keep it under control
  • supervise all fires (and stoves) at all times
  • leave no trace of the fire

Uncontrolled fires can cause major damage, that you might be liable for. Never light an open fire during prolonged dry periods or in/near areas, such as:

  • forests/woods
  • farmland
  • cultural heritage sites
  • turbines
  • high-voltage cables
  • buildings or infrastructure
  • on peat*

*Peat fires can go underground, burning for decades, and have the potential to damage the windfarm and its habitats.


If you plan to visit with a larger group to camp, possibly via the cubs, girl guides, scouts or on a Duke of Edinburgh expedition, please consider letting the Countryside Rangers know.

You're under no obligation to inform the Rangers of when you plan to visit but letting them know means they can advise of any other groups planning to use the area and they can give helpful advice on alternative sites (if necessary).

Camp locations

Due to the nature of the windfarm site, we' ve created a guide to recommended wild campsites (PDF) [1MB] (opens new window) .

Please note, the Countryside Rangers monitor the campsite locations and groups found to have left litter, waste and so on will be requested to clear up before leaving, or to return if via an organised group or expedition.

You can report any litter, damage or issues at campsite locations to the Whitelee Countryside Ranger Service.

Last modified on 21 May 2021