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European parliamentary elections 2014

Find out the European parliamentary election results for 2014.

Local declaration of results

  • The total number of eligible electors was 67,123
  • The total number of votes was 28,930
  • The turnout was 43.1%

Summary of party and their votes

Britain First260
British National Party125
Conservative Party8,044
Labour Party7,623
Liberal Democrats1,191
Scottish Green Party2,031
Scottish National Party (SNP)6,564
UK Independence Party (UKIP)           2,949

Total valid votes:


The number of rejected ballot papers was as follows:      

  • Want of official mark
  • Voting for more than one party
  • Writing or mark by which voter could be identified
  • Unmarked or void for uncertainty

Total rejected votes:


The electoral region of Scotland results

  • The total number of eligible electors was 4,016,735
  • The total number of votes was 1,354,667
  • The turnout was 33.5%

Summary of parties and their votes

PartyVotesShare of vote (%)
Britain First13,6391.0%
British National Party10,2160.8
Conservative Party231,33017.2
Labour Party348,21925.9
Liberal Democrats95,3197.1
Scottish Green Party108,3058.0
Scottish National Party (SNP)389, 50328.9
UK Independence Party (UKIP)140,53410.4
Rejected Votes2,1840.2


Last modified on 23 June 2020