Food hygiene inspections

Information about food hygiene inspection reports for food businesses.

How we undertake inspections

Our team inspects local food businesses regularly. How often each business is inspected is determined by the 'risk rating' given to each premises. If a business is not up to the legal requirements then inspection frequency is increased or legal action taken to achieve compliance.

Each business is rated on the following:

  • Whether the business manufactures food.
  • Whether raw and ready-to-eat foods are prepared in the same premises.
  • The structure of the premises.
  • The food hygiene and safety controls in place.
  • The number of consumers likely to use the business.
  • Confidence that the management will improve or maintain standards.

Choosing safer food

Look out for food businesses displaying the certificate showing how they scored in their most recent food hygiene inspection. The certificates will read 'Pass" or 'Improvement required'.

A 'Pass' certificate shows that the business meets legal standards. 'Improvement Required' shows that hygiene standards fall short of the legal standard.

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Last modified on 13 May 2022