Types of foster care

Find out about the different types of foster care that we provide in East Renfrewshire

Fostering Confidence


Children need care for a variety of different reasons and different periods of time. 

Short Breaks 

A child or young person who lives with their family has regular planned short breaks with a foster carer. Short breaks, which can include for example overnights and or weekends are opportunities for children and young people to have positive experiences out with the family home and can provide and can offer an essential support to families. 

We take the time to make sure the child is a good match for you and your family and support you in meeting the family and getting to know the child. 

Short breaks play a really important role in keeping families together. They are as much a support for the family as they are for the child, allowing them to get to rest and recharge whilst the child is having a valued break.

Emergency and Interim foster care

This can involve caring for a child or young person from a few days, weeks, a few months or even longer. Children often require a safe place to stay whilst services support families to make things better at home.

Children can need somewhere to stay quickly and carers can play an important role in getting children reunited with their families after a really difficult time.

Long Term and Permanent foster care

This can involve looking after a child or young person up until adulthood if a decision is made for them not to return to their birth family.  Long-term fostering and permanent foster carer can provide the stability and security of foster placement, allowing the child to remain in same placement through adolescence until adulthood.  

Within East Renfrewshire we are committed to supporting young people.  Legislation now requires us to provide in continuing care, meaning a young person can remain in the same placement until the age of 21 years.  

Last modified on 30 January 2023