Free school transport

Find out if your child qualifies for free school transport and how to apply.

Who gets free school transport?

Primary school pupils

Distance pupil lives from catchment primary school:

  • 2 miles away or more
  • 1 mile away or more and has 3 or more older siblings

Secondary school pupils

Distance pupil lives from catchment secondary school:

  • 3 miles away or more

We check the distance by the shortest safe walking route.

How to apply

Apply online (opens new window)

When to apply

You should apply when your child starts primary or secondary school.

For any other time, apply 4 weeks before you need transport.

Bus stops

The school bus service is organised on our behalf by Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT).

If you get a school bus place, we'll ask you to contact SPT to confirm pick up points and times.

When you need to reapply for a free school bus place

You need to reapply if:

  • your child moves from primary to secondary school
  • you move address
  • there's a change in your circumstances. For example, if your child no longer gets free school meals

School transport complaints

You should contact your child's school in the first instance.

Privilege school transport

If you're not entitled to school transport you may be able to apply for a privilege place on one of our school buses.

  • privilege school transport places are those left after all children who are entitled to free school transport have been allocated a place on the contracted buses
  • there's a number of conditions attached to a privilege pass application, places are limited and not guaranteed. Read our terms and conditions (PDF) [111KB] .
  • due to the start of the new school session, it may not be possible to grant privilege places until September, as we're still processing places for entitled children

Please note the only schools where we may have places available are:

  • Calderwood Lodge Primary School
  • Our Lady of the Missions Primary School
  • St Clare's Primary School
  • St Ninian's High School (Eaglesham, Clarkston area only)

Please email if you'd like to enquire about privilege transport places for these schools.

Last modified on 20 June 2023