Nursery lunch menu

View our nursery lunch menus and price information from 24 October 2022 to 20 October 2023.

Menus run on a 3 week rotating basis.

The first day back after any holiday is always Monday's menu for that week. Normal menu days follow thereafter.

(v) - Vegetarian option

Week 1 dates

Week commencing24/1014/1105/1226/1216/0106/0227/0220/0310/0401/0522/0512/0603/0724/0714/0804/0925/0916/10


Week 1 Menu

StarterMelon slicesGolden Lentil SoupVegetable & Rice Soupcrunchy veg platter with herb dipSpring Vegetable Soup
Meal option

Breaded Fish Fingers with diced potatoes and peas                


Vegetarian Sausage Roll with mashed Potatoes and baked Beans


Chicken & Gravy Pie with baby boils and fresh seasonal vegetables


Farm Assured Beef Bolognaise with crunchy salad                            


Vegi Meatballs in a tomato sauce with Penne pasta and sweetcorn




Week 2 dates

Week commencing31/1021/1112/1202/0123/0113/0206/0327/0317/0408/0529/0519/0610/0731/0721/0811/0902/10

Week 2 menu

StarterFruit platterGolden Lentil SoupVegetable & Rice SoupCrunchy veg platter with herb dipSpring Vegetable Soup
Meal option

Free Range Omelette with diced potatoes and garden peas


Mature Cheddar Macaroni Cheese with garlic bread and crunchy Salad


Cheese & Tomato Pizza with garlic bread and sweetcorn


Traditional Steak Pie with baby boils and fresh seasonal vegetables             


Salmon & white fish goujons with wedges and sweetcorn



Week 3 dates

Week commencing07/1128/1119/1209/0130/0120/0213/0303/0424/0415/0505/0626/0617/0707/0828/0818/0909/10

Week 3 menu

StarterMelon boats

Crunchy veg platter with salmon pate dip

Vegetable & Rice SoupGolden Lentil Soup

Spring Vegetable

Meal option

Tomato & Roasted Vegetable pasta with garlic bread


Chicken Curry with wild rice and sweetcorn   


Scottish Beef Mince Pie with baby boils and fresh seasonal Vegetables


Mature Cheddar Macaroni Cheese with wedges and garden peas


Mini Chicken Burger in a warm bun with shredded lettuce and mayonnaise


Download and print the Nursery school lunch menu (PDF) [139KB]

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Kosher lunch menus are available from Calderwood Lodge Primary School.

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