Planning applications

Information on planning including how to apply, appeal and comment on an application.

Search planning applications

Search current planning applications and decisions.

Do I need planning permission?

Find out what work needs planning permission and what doesn't.

Request pre planning advice

Discuss your proposal with a planning officer prior to submitting a planning application.

Planning application process

Find out what happens after you submit your planning application.

Apply for planning permission

Apply online for planning permission.

Notify us about a breach of planning control

If you think there's building works going on without permission, you can report this online.

Contact a planning officer

Book an appointment with our Planning Officer to discuss your planning application.

Public consultations

You must carry out a public consultation before you submit a planning application for national or major developments.

Apply for a planning section 50 certificate

Find out how to apply for a planning section 50 certificate.

Comment on a planning application

Find out how to comment on planning applications.