Records management policy

This element of the Records Management Plan defines the overarching policy on records management.


The Public Records (Scotland) Act requires each public authority to develop and maintain a Records Management Policy.


We approved our first Records Management Policy in 2014. This was substantially reviewed and redeveloped and was approved by the Corporate Management team in March 2021.

The policy lays out the benefits of records management, and states that the scope of the policy covers all records created, received, managed or used in the delivery of our business. The policy defines the areas of responsibility for each element of the management of records, and establishes general records management principles, as well as defining a records management framework and referring to relevant legislation and related council documentation.

We've also developed high-level records management procedures, which sets out the basic roles and functions of the Records Manager.

Improvement actions and review

The policy will be reviewed by March 2023 to reflect relevant changes.

Responsible officer

Craig Geddes, Senior Information and Improvement Officer


Last modified on 20 May 2021