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Roads and Lighting

Roads and Lighting

Find details of free electric vehicle charge points and parking spaces and how to report a problem.

Find details of current road closures and road works across East Renfrewshire and sign up for news and alerts.

Report road or pavement fault online. This includes, drains, potholes and flooding.

Report a street light or traffic light fault online.

Find gritting routes, your nearest grin bins and how we prioritise our routes.

Find out how parking attendants enforce parking in East Renfrewshire.

Find out how to apply for a Blue Badge and if you qualify.

A dropped kerb allows vehicles to cross the pavement to a driveway.

A solid white line bar marking across a dropped kerb or driveway

Get practical advice about what to do in a flood.

Find details of free electric vehicle charge points and parking spaces.

You may be able to claim for compensation if your vehicle has been damaged by a road. For example, a pothole.

Information on our approach to street cleaning, grass cutting on verges and weed control.

Find a list of public roads in East Renfrewshire.

Complete a survey about our performance maintaining the area's roads network

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