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Scottish Welfare Fund

You can apply to the Scottish Welfare Fund if you're on a low income and need help with things like food or heating costs. You can also apply if you have a crisis or need help to set up home, if you come out of hospital, care or prison.

There are 2 grants you can apply for:

  • Crisis Grant: if you're in a crisis situation
  • Community Care Grant: if you need help with costs to live in the community or keep your family together

The grants aim to help people with the most serious needs. They are tax free and you don't need to pay them back.

Who can apply?

You can apply if you:

  • are 16 years or over
  • have low income
  • live in East Renfrewshire

If you don't live in East Renfrewshire, apply to the Council area you live in or plan to live in.

You might not qualify if you've:

  • already applied for the same item in the last 28 days, unless your circumstances have changed
  • had 3 crisis grants in the last 12 months (in exceptional circumstances we might pay one further one-off payment)
  • you or your partner are below pension age with savings over £700
  • you or your partner are above pension age with savings over £1200

Apply for a Crisis Grant

Phone us on 0141 577 3475 to apply.

Who qualifies?

You may qualify you have a crisis or an emergency. For example:

  • a flood or fire in your home
  • if you're a victim of domestic abuse and need help to move
  • if you're a grandparent or relative who has taken over care of a child and waiting for transfer of benefits
  • you're facing a gap in your normal income because of a redundancy or change at work
  • are facing financial problems while you wait for your first Universal Credit payment

What a Crisis Grant helps with

It can help with your most urgent living costs. For example:

  • food
  • heating costs
  • travel costs (for example, if your child is ill and in hospital)

What happens next?

We'll make a decision within 2 working days. We'll normally contact you by phone and follow this up with a letter.

Apply for a Community Care Grant

pdf icon Download the Scottish Welfare Fund paper application form [193kb]

You can also phone us on 0141 577 3475 to ask us to post a copy.

Who qualifies?

You may qualify if you're vulnerable and need help to set up home or continue to live in the community. For example:

  • families under exceptional pressure
  • you need to move because of problem like domestic abuse
  • a child's health is at risk
  • settling into life outside care
  • help if you need support to stay out of care
  • caring from someone on release from prison or detention centre
  • settling into a new home if you've been in a temporary home

What a Community Care Grant helps with

It can help with basic essentials including:

  • removal expenses
  • bedding and clothing
  • storage or connection charges for gas and electricity
  • furniture such as sofa, armchair or bed
  • household items such as a cooker or fridge

Where it isn't possible to provide items, we may give you a payment.

What happens next?

We'll make a decision within 15 working days. We'll normally contact you by phone and follow this up with a letter.

0141 577 3475

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