Tree management

Find out about our approach on the management of trees across East Renfrewshire.

Trees are an essential part of our environment and provide many benefits to our health and wellbeing. Here's some information on how we manage trees on Council land.

Trees are naturally evolving structures, subject to nature's forces as well as disease and manmade impacts so no completely failsafe guarantee can be given regarding tree safety. If you've concerns regarding the structure or condition of a tree on your property, please contact a reputable tree surgeon for advice. We'll only inspect trees with concerns which grow on our estate/land areas.

We won't undertake works to trees or vegetation that overhang adjacent private/householder land unless there's a safety issue or part of the tree is in contact with any building within that land. Under Common Law the affected land owner can cut back any branches or vegetation providing the cuts are made on their side of the boundary. This would be solely at the owner's expense.

As a general rule we won't carry out tree pruning or removal works directly attributable to this.

As a general rule we won't carry out tree pruning or removal works in direct response to natural or seasonal events.

We will deal with any public paths or roads that are affected. You can report this by emailing cleansing&

We value all our tree stock and whenever possible we avoid removing or pruning trees. This helps us work towards our environmental targets and goals. We'll generally only do work on trees on Council land when it falls into our 3D category - dead, dying or dangerous.

Last modified on 4 November 2022