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Blue badge scheme

Use of your blue badge and parking

Each badge applies to the person it is awarded to. It is for your use only, either as a driver or as a passenger. If someone uses your blue badge without you being there, we may: take it off you, fine you £1,000 and this may lead to prosecution in some cases.

Remember, the blue badge must be displayed at all times when parking.

This information is taken from the national Blue Badge Scotland website:

Where you can park

  • Badge holders can park free of charge and without time limit at parking meters on-street and 'pay-and-display' on-street parking.
  • Badge holders may be exempt from time limits imposed on other users.
  • Badge holders may usually park on single or double yellow lines when parking is allowed.
  • Badge holders can park in greenways when parking is allowed.

You should not park:

  • on double white lines in the centre of the road even if one of the lines is broken
  • in a dedicated bus lane during its hours of operation
  • in a cycle lane
  • on any clearway, double or single red lines during their hours of operation
  • on all pedestrian crossings - including Zebra, Pelican, Toucan and Puffin crossings
  • on zigzag markings before and after Zebra, Pelican, Toucan and Puffin crossings
  • in parking places reserved for specific users, e.g. permit holders only, loading bays during times of operation, taxis, cycles, resident's park
  • on a resident's parking bay, unless there are signs showing that you may do so, or you have checked with the Local Authority's Roads Department that you may do so
  • in suspended meter bays or when use of the meter is prohibited
  • where temporary restrictions on parking are in force along a length of road, e.g. as indicated by no-waiting cones
  • on school "keep clear" markings during the hours shown on a yellow no-stopping plate.

Always check roadside signs showing times of operation for loading bays etc. Restrictions will always be signed.

If a parking location does not fit any of the descriptions above, view the following document for full guidance:

 pdf icon rights and responsibilities of a Blue Badge holder [1Mb]

Other information

Read the latest blue badge survey results from East Renfrewshire council:

pdf icon Blue badge survey results 2014 [102kb]

Disabled persons' parking bays are designated and controlled by East Renfrewshire council, for more information on the regulations surrounding the bays, please visit:

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