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Tenders and contracts

Tenders and contracts

Information about where to find out about council tender opportunities and relevant thresholds.

Advertising tenders

East Renfrewshire Council advertises all tender opportunities on the Public Contracts Scotland (PCS) website. The Public Contracts Scotland website includes information on procurement opportunities across the majority of Scottish public sector bodies. Registration is free and when adding your company details on the Public Contracts Scotland website please ensure you select to be notified to receive information when new tender opportunities arise.

The Buyer Profile provides a summary of procurement opportunities and awards within East Renfrewshire:


The Council has adopted the Scottish governments PCS-tender module which allows for the secure publishing of tender information and supplier responses. The evaluation of offers is conducted online with the commercial (pricing) information not being released to the evaluation panel until the technical/quality evaluations have been completed, this functionality within the system brings another level of security/transparency to the evaluation process. All information is held securely and a full audit trail can demonstrate that the exercise has been conducted in an open and equal manner.

All tendering exercises are conducted using this system, to participate in a particular exercise suppliers must first of all register on the PCS-tender site. Supplier should note that by registering on the PCS site your details will not automatically transfer to PCS-tender, separate registration is required.

Tender Thresholds

Where the value of procurement is above the value of £50,000 a formal tendering exercise is required and in compliance with the council's standing orders and procurement legislation, the tendering opportunity will be advertised in the following manner:

  • £50,000 - £170,000 a contract notice is placed on the councils Buyer Profile and Public Contracts Scotland website.
  • £170,001 and above a contract notice will be placed on the councils Buyer Profile, Public Contracts Scotland website and also the Official Journal of the European Union.

Below tender threshold

  • £1,000 -  £49,999

Where there is no contract or framework in place and the estimated total spend is above £1,000 the council departments are obliged to seek competitive quotes. The council has adopted the Public Contracts Scotland Quick Quote facility and all quotations are issued via this site, quotations should not be sought in any other manner.

In order to be invited to quote you must first of all register your company details on the PCS website. Please remember to regularly update your details to ensure quotation requests are being issued to the correct email address.

Suppliers are reminded that both tender and quotations responses are to be submitted via the relevant PCS system, hard copy submissions and late offers will not be accepted.  Should you experience technical difficulties prior to closing date/time you must contact the Corporate Procurement as soon as possible.

Contract Plan 2017-2019

The Regulated Contract Plan contains details of all anticipated regulated procurement opportunities for the financial period 2017-2019:

Terms and conditions 

Suppliers should note that the General Conditions of Purchase will apply to purchase orders which are received, where there is a contract in place the contract terms and conditions will take precedence. 

Corporate Procurement Section
East Renfrewshire Council HQ
Eastwood Park
East Renfrewshire
G46 6UG
Tel: 0141 577 8591

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