New campaign to inspire residents to shop, explore and love East Renfrewshire

'Here' identity aims to unite the area's unique towns and people

Here place branding campaign launch

A bold and ambitious new place brand for East Renfrewshire has been unveiled featuring 17 local businesses.

The new 'Here' identity aims to unite the area's unique towns and people, encouraging a shared sense of pride amongst residents following the effects of the pandemic, with the ability to promote East Renfrewshire as a desirable place in which to live, work, visit and invest over the longer term.

To support economic recovery following the Covid pandemic, the branding is featured in a new campaign inspiring local people to shop, dine, explore and love East Renfrewshire.

The branding is supported by a colourful design and local photography, but is anchored by a graphical patchwork showcasing the diversity of the different towns, landmarks and activities that make up East Renfrewshire. The patchwork is inspired by the textile industry history of the area, with a modern twist.

Led by East Renfrewshire Council, focus groups with residents, business owners, business improvement districts and staff led to the development of the 'Here' campaign.

Feedback highlighted that people across the authority have a strong sense of local pride and identity about the individual towns and villages where they live. The new place brand celebrates the fact that residents are proud of being from 'here'.

The marketing campaign is funded by the Scottish Government's Town Centre fund and Scotland's Town Partnership's Love Local fund, and features 17 local business owners and some of the area's beauty spots.

Online marketing will further support the campaign, which will include a series of social media videos fronted by TV personality and Giffnock native Jennifer Reoch, and featuring interviews with a range of local businesses on the importance of shopping local.

East Renfrewshire Council Leader Tony Buchanan said: 'The Covid-19 pandemic is causing unprecedented disruption to the economy and this new place brand for East Renfrewshire is one of a number of initiatives planned to support local businesses. East Renfrewshire has an excellent range of businesses to meet many needs locally and it's been fantastic to have local business owners involved in our new campaign to highlight this. Encouraging local people to support local businesses more will have a considerable benefit to the local economy, local business owners and their families. It will support jobs and help strengthen our communities and get them back on their feet following the pandemic.'

Last modified on 24 June 2021