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Primary school roll

Information on primary rolls and occupancy levels by school.

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The East Renfrewshire Primary 1 roll decreased by 10 per cent from 2002 to 2008 and then peaked in 2009.  During the past 7 years, the P1 roll has steadily increased annually resulting in a 23.1 per cent increase since 2010. Over recent years, there has been considerable variation in some P1 rolls, with certain areas increasing and others decreasing.


Primary school roll information by school
School (Dec 2017 information)Roll of school (nos.)Planned capacity (nos.)Number of pupils who live outwith East Renfrewshire
Braidbar Primary22336079
Busby Primary31529424
Calderwood Lodge15221079
Carlibar Primary22829415
Carolside Primary83684045
Crookfur Primary39842057
Cross Arthurlie Primary32342020
Eaglesham Primary41442027
Giffnock Primary39142078
Hillview Primary2134207
Kirkhill Primary65563034
Mearns Primary84084073
Neilston Primary29542010
Netherlee Primary73184049
Our Lady of the Missions Primary91584017
St Cadoc's Primary75369018
St Clare's Primary1854208
St John's Primary21729411
St Joseph's Primary43242022
St Mark's Primary3484207
St Thomas' Primary1302105
Thornliebank Primary16921076
Uplawmoor Primary72842

There are a number of schools with high occupancy levels reflecting high numbers of children resident in the schools catchment area. There are still some places in these schools which have been taken up through placing request application process. There are other high occupancy schools where a larger number of places are still available for resident population indicated by the high percentage of pupils attending ERC schools but who reside out with ERC. The high occupancy levels are in schools in the Crookfur and Newton Mearns areas that have experienced increased demand due to new residential development.

Where an occupancy rate of a school is consistently high with catchment pupils over a period of time, longer term arrangements must be considered to ensure sufficient school places are available.

The new faith schools' joint campus in Newton Mearns opened in August 2017. This increased primary Catholic provision in the area with the new St Clare's primary thereby reducing pressure on St Cadoc's with scope to meet future demands of known planned house building in the Newton Mearns area. This also provided additional early learning and childcare places with an extended Calderwood Lodge Nursery Class to help meet demand in the Newton Mearns area. 

The plans for the new non-denominational Primary School at Maidenhill are underway. This will provide a two-stream primary school, helping to address high occupancy levels in Kirkhill and Mearns primary school, in addition to 120 additional early learning and childcare places in Newton Mearns. With plans in progress to increase nursery places at Busby, there will be scope to ease pressure on primary places should higher primary levels be sustained. There are sufficient secondary school places available to meet catchment demand from the known planned house building in the area in line with the current approved Local Development Plan. Any increased pressure on the school estate which results in additional requirements, and future needs, for both secondary and primary provision and/or extensions, will continue to be monitored through the Action Programme and review of the Local Development Plan; this includes highlighting any educational estate requirements in relation to the main issues report associated with LDP2. 

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