New fostering campaign launches across East Renfrewshire

Advertising campaign aims to encourage more carers to make a positive difference to the lives of children and young people

Fostering launch campaign photo

A new advertising campaign is appealing for more foster carers to come forward in East Renfrewshire.

Our campaign aims to encourage more carers with all types of skills, talents and life experiences to make a positive difference to the lives of children and young people.

Adverts will be displayed on billboards, at bus stops and across social media platforms showcasing the life-changing difference that fostering can make to a child or young person.

East Renfrewshire Council wants to encourage people who might have considered fostering in the past but weren't sure if they could offer what is needed to think about what they might be able to offer a child.  It is also keen to reach out to others who might be thinking about fostering for the first time to get in touch.

Carers with a range of skills and abilities and those from different backgrounds are being encouraged to come forward. The campaign focuses on the message that we need all types of carers and that fostering families come in all shapes and sizes. They are just as unique and individual as the children that require that extra helping hand. 

The fostering team at East Renfrewshire Council is hoping to attract a range of support including carers who could offer regular short breaks or support the child's network, interim carers or longer term carers. In East Renfrewshire, the fostering team always tries to keep brothers and sisters together where possible, which adds to the need for carers who can look after more than one child.

Cllr Katie Pragnell, convener for Health & Social Care at East Renfrewshire Council, said: "The impact a foster family can have on a child cannot be overstated.

"They're not simply providing a safe space, they're fostering a child's personal development at one of the most crucial and sensitive times of their life. This not only provides joy for the child, but also to the foster family.

"If you have ever thought about fostering then now is the time to find out more because we are in real need of more people to help us take care of our young people and children.

"Fostering is hugely rewarding. You are contributing to the life of an incredible youngster whose life can be changed by your nurturing support.

"We need carers from all walks of life. You can be single, LGBQT+, retired or even a young adult yourself. We are also looking for people of all ethnicities, faiths and religions."

Created by Glasgow based agency Frame, the six different adverts show the positive benefits to both the child and the foster carer.

Featuring uplifting quotes and strong imagery, the ads have been designed to inspire people to take the next step in becoming a foster carer.

Anyone interested in finding out more about becoming a foster carer can contact

You can find out more about East Renfrewshire Council's fostering service on our website here: Fostering - East Renfrewshire Council

Last modified on 9 February 2023