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Environmental Health

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East Renfrewshire businesses achieving one of the best compliance levels in Scotland, under the Food Hygiene Information Scheme (FHIS), and we are consistently in the top 10 regions.

One of East Renfrewshire Council Environmental Health Section priorities is to work very closely with the local Food Business Operators (FBO's) to enable them to raise their hygiene standards. This is done through a process of inspection visits, educational advice at the time of the visits and information made available on our Webpages. The success of our approach can be measured in our businesses achieving one of the best compliance levels in Scotland under the Food Hygiene Information Scheme (FHIS) consistently in the top 10.

The scheme is aimed at making the public aware of how good the hygiene is in a food premises. The public can play a vital roll in 'voting with their feet' if they choose not to purchase from  premises we rate as 'improvement required' then clearly it's in that businesses best interest to seek to raise their hygiene standards.

We maximise our commitment to both the public and trade by concentrating more effort on the premises that are not yet fully compliant in order that it helps these businesses and offers ERC residents more choice while protecting their safety.

The new Food Standards Scotland, that will form in April 2015, intend to make display of 'Pass' and 'Improvement Required' certificates compulsory in the belief that this will further help customers decide where is safe to eat, driving home the point that consumers only want safe premises. We therefore urge any food business which thinks it needs assistance to contact us.

Residents of ERC can view our Environmental Health in-depth reports of our local premises at

Environment Convenor Councillor Vincent Waters said "All Food hygiene visits can be found on our Webpages at and I would urge residents to view this information to help them decide where to go for a meal".

Residents will be pleased to note that as part of our continuing commitment to food safety, in addition to our efforts on the Food Hygiene front, we are also now working with Food businesses on the new legal requirement for displaying information about the 14 legally specified allergens.

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