Pre planning application process

Find out about the pre planning application discussion process.

About the service

The Council encourages pre-application discussions in advance of making an application for a new development. This can enable potential issues to be highlighted (including the potential supporting information required) and enable any subsequent application to be processed more efficiently.

The Scottish Government allows Planning Authorities to make discretionary charges for pre-application discussions. The degree of input by the Planning Service will be determined by the scale and complexity of the proposal.

Pre-application advice is not a formal decision, it's strictly without prejudice to the planning authority's determination of any planning application and does not guarantee any future application will be successful.

For clarification, a question on whether a proposal requires planning permission would not be considered a pre application request. For formal confirmation on whether planning permission is required a certificate of lawfulness application should be submitted. Informal advice on whether planning permission is required can be obtained by contacting a planning officer on 0141 577 3001.


Works primarily related to improvement of accessibility for people with disabilities will be exempt from a pre application fee.

What happens next?

Depending on the scale and complexity of application, the Planning Service will offer a different service within the broad principles set out below. This reflects the greater costs associated with providing advice on more complex proposals.

  1. For householder pre application advice, a written response or a face to face meeting with a planning officer at the Council offices are offered. Both will attract the same fee and both require the submission of relevant information in advance which will enable meaningful advice. A planning officer will contact you to arrange a suitable meeting time if requested.
  2. For small scale local applications, a written response will be provided and a meeting if deemed necessary. Small scale local applications are defined primarily as residential developments of 1 to 3 units, change of use applications, telecommunication applications and non-residential applications up to 1000sqm.
  3. For major applications and significant scale local applications, a minimum of one meeting and detailed written response will be provided (with further meetings and responses provided, subject to discussion and agreement in advance, depending on the scale of the proposal). Consultations, as required will be undertaken and a meeting will include input from consultees where required.
Last modified on 1 April 2023