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Planning and building standards

Planning application process

Find out what happens after you submit your planning application.

Register application

We'll register the application when we confirm it's valid and you pay the fee.

When it's registered, we give it a category of local or major development. The category affects how we process and decide your application.

Most applications about a house fall into the local category.

pdf icon Find out more about planning categories [20kb]

Make applications public

We'll let your neighbours know about most applications. This applies to neighbours within 20 metres of the application site.

You need to let the owner of the application site know you're applying for planing permission. You also need to tell and any agricultural tenants.

If there's changes to the application, we'll decide whether to withdraw it or ask for a new one.

Major developments

You need to advertise consultation events in the local paper.

Pre-application consultation for developers

Comment on applications

You have 21 days to comment on a planning application.

You can comment on planning, environmental or amenity issues. They must relate to the application.

There some issues you cannot comment on. These include loss of value of neighbouring properties or loss of a private view.

We'll consider all comments before we make a decision.

We don't put comments online but you can make an appointment at our planning office to view them.


Sometimes, we'll consult with others on a planning application. For example, Scottish Water, Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) and Historic Scotland.

We may also consult with other council services. For example Roads or Environmental Health.

Extra information

We may ask for extra information. For example, a transport or flood risk assessment.

Making decisions

The starting point of any decision is the Local Development Plan. We also look at relevant government policies.

We'll also look at documents submitted with the application.

A planning officer will always visit the site before we make a decision.

Most local developments are decided by the Planning Team.

Major developments are decided by the Planning Applications Committee. Some local developments sometimes need to be decided by the Planning Applications Committee. For example, if it gets many objections.

Report of Handling

As part of the decision making, we'll prepare a Report of Handling for all applications. This sets out everything we take into account. You can view this on the online planning system after the decision is made.

Planning conditions

We may grant planning permission with conditions. These can vary in each case.

pdf icon Find out more about planning conditions [73kb]

Planning obligations

We might need to enter into a planning obligation with you. This is a legal agreement which covers issues that can't be controlled by planning.

pdf icon Find out more about planning obligations [105kb]


We aim to make planning decisions as quickly as possible.

Local developments

You can appeal if you don't get a decision in 2 months of us allowing your application.

Major developments

You can appeal if you don't get a decision in 4 months of us allowing your application.

This is unless we agree and extension with you.

Phone: 0141 577 3001

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