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Catchment areas and placing requests

Why requests are sometimes not granted

You will be sent a letter notifying you that your request has been refused. This will state why your request has been refused and quote the section of the Education Act which applies.

The most usual reason is that the school is full at the required stage, that is, all available places at the stage have been allocated.  Additional pupils would require the authority to employ an additional teacher and/or modify or extend the school's accommodation or facilities at this stage or at a future stage of your child's education. The authority is entitled to reserve places for pupils who may move into the school's catchment area during the next year.

There are other circumstances where a request may be refused including:

  • where the granting of the request would interrupt the continuity of the child's education
  • where it is likely that order and discipline in the school or the well-being of pupils in the school be adversely affected
  • in secondary schools where it is not possible to provide the courses you want

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